As per my understanding of the Agile methodology, to the feature rollout and planning, for the now-famous restaurant discovery startup, Zomato, for a few features i have chosen. I will try to be a Product Manager at Zomato, at different product stages, and describe how I would have gone about planning for the features.

  1. The Agile team composition would be one individual (total team size, each, from engineering, design, marketing, sales or customer service, and business (Number of members from each department would vary based on workload-time estimation of each department)

Ideation: Rating would be done by users, and viewed by them too. For reviews, a provision to view them on restaurant details screen, along with a screen to capture the review, are needed.

Design: Following would be the design characteristics of all icons and screens, mentioned above

  1. Popups are designed with minimal elements, and little description for the process to be followe

Testing: Metrics to be evaluated would be

  1. Conversion rate of emails and captured feedbacks (to test efficiency for reviewing, after learning from ratings email)

Implementation and Deployment: Priority order for engineering build and deployment, in my opinion after impact-effort analysis, would be:

  1. Rating Landing Page, listing all restaurants

Online Ordering

Online ordering allows users to sit in the comfort of their home, and order the food of their choosing from the restaurant, while also not having to worry about how it is delivered. Zomato would either have the order delivered by their own delivery fleet, or with the help of contracted delivery partners.

Agile methodology supports and enables any startup to be fast-paced, flexible,dynamic, iterative and incremental. Short sprint times and a ready to use product or a feature that comes out of every sprint cycle can be tested in the real world and the user views and suggestions are incorporated . This allows them to always be in touch with their users and understand their needs and wants and thus it is of great help in developing the great products.



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